Thursday, October 15, 2009

31 hrs of inconvenience.....

Dear no cellular device journal,
Time: 8 hours 37 minutes into the mission
Location: Dormitory room (3rd floor moore)

I just woke up. Today is an arts Wednesday. I have made it through the first night without my phone (whoa that made me sound desperate). Right now it’s really not a big deal for me. I’m actually kind of having fun with this. I don’t feel like this will make me feel disconnected from anyone, but on the flipside of that, I don’t think I will necessarily connect with anyone as a result. Only time will tell.
So long journal, I will contact you within the day.

Dear no cellular device journal,
Time: 13 hours 33 minutes into the mission
Location: Jeff Coward’s room (3rd floor moore)

It’s hard to get in touch with people; even those here on campus. It’s frustrating because it’s just so inconvenient. Everybody that I need to meet up with has had to be “scheduled in” face to face. No longer can I just make a phone call and roll with my possy (I mean Mr. Milner did say I was a playah right?). At this point I feel like more than anything, going with no cell phone is DISconnecting me from others.
OK journal,
I’ll call you later….oh right….

Dear no cellular device journal,
Time: 18 hours 34 minutes into the mission
Location: Dormitory room (3rd floor moore)

I have come to the conclusion that this lab is disconnecting me from people. I think as a society we have become so dependent on cell phones that our schedules gravitate around them (that sounds obsessive but I think it may be true). Trying to keep things in line throughout the day has been much more difficult. Whether it be calling home, lining up practice times with other students, or just wanting to make a friendly call to the girlfriend, things just seem to be easier with cell phones. I wouldn’t mind going without a cell phone as long as I was constantly around the people I communicate most with. But besides that, more than anything, this lab has been an annoying inconvenience.
So long journal, I will talk with you later (and by that I mean I will not call you)

Dear no cellular device journal,
Time: 23 hrs 8 minutes into mission
Location: Dormitory room (3rd floor moore)

It’s official; this lab has not connected me in any particular way to anyone. I feel distant from everyone…..weird… I feel like I’m going to have to make a bunch of “catch up calls” tomorrow. Social capitalism is about connecting with others and this has not connected me personally. While I’m saying that having no cell phone for the last 23 hours and 8 minutes has made me feel disconnected from people, I don’t think to have a cell phone is to be connected. In other words, a cell phone can be used to engage yourself with others sure, but also it could distract you from what is in your present. It could draw you away from the people that surround you. Whatever it may be for you; for me, this lab has shown (and is showing) me that making a phone call can lead to a night out at the bowling alley with friends.
Peace journal.

Dear no cellular device journal,
Time: 34 hours and 29 minutes
Location: Dorm room 3rd floor moore

So the lab is over. I have a few voicemails, a couple a text messages and a full battery. It’s nice for things to be so convenient again. Everything is just easy now. I don’t have to go out of my way to make plans; I can just sit at my desk and make a call. I’m glad I chose this lab, it has really shown me how much we use our cell phones in our society (even subconsciously). Having my phone back makes me feel re-connected with others.

I think I’ll go bowling with some people tonight….

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  1. great blog and if I dare say "fun" of some sort to read. nice job!
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